Friday, December 7, 2007

Prophet Posse- The Return Vol. 2: Belly of the Beast

One of the dopest clicks in rap music is back with their second offering but without the superproduction from DJ Paul and Juicy J. Unfortunately, as is the case with most releases from former Hypnotize Mind members this installment suffers from the same production setbacks that have marred past ex-Hypnotize Minds releases. I really try my best to give this stuff a decent chance in impressing me, however I never seem to be fully satisfied with the end results. I even went as far as buying this shit at the record store. One thing that I will say is that it is good to hear from Droopy Drew Dogg, Rawdawg-(who once went by the name of Lil E if I'm not mistaken) K-Rock, T-Rock, Playa Fly, Skinny Pimp and others. The only people who have not made guest appearances on the new Prophet Posse records are M-Child, and Nigga Creep- RIP. K-Rock in particular goes extremely hard on these tracks. Koopsta Knicca comes correct on a few tracks as does Pastor Troy, and Yo Gotti. Lord Infamous is in rare form as always spitting deadly verses on multiple tracks. It's a shame because I feel like they are trying really hard to bring back that ol school dark, buck and crunk devilish shit, but to no avail. This album just seems a little contrived and forced. The long and short of it is that this album will appeal only to the die-hard fans of the old Memphis Prophet Posse sound. Strangely enough I thought that I was a part of that cult following, but in the end I felt shortchanged. Props to the Prophet Posse click I still fucks wit ya.

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