Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Package of Goodies from Mr. Sche

Damn, Sche is the coolest mothafucker we know! Pimpin' Pens received a package from the Immortal Lowlife himself this Monday with a few albums and DVDs to review. Expect some new Sche content on the page shortly, we're as excited as you are right now to go through it all. Right now I'm bumpin' the "It's Goin Down" Album prepping for the review but so far I can tell you it's a must have for any hardcore Southern Rap fan. Keep checking back with us for updates, we have a shit load of content to sort through at the moment but big things are coming. Stay tuned for the Pimpin' Pens Takeover and go support Mr. Sche, we can't emphasize it enough, he's got real love for all the fans out there.

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