Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Nasty Nardo: Already Famous Review

Its the infamous ninja triplesix back one mo gen(that's slang for one more time) here to drop another critique on an album that doesn't need much critiquing. The album I allude to is none other than the masterpiece that is known as Already Famous, the gem blessed upon us by Nasty Nardo. Growing up in south parkway section of Memphis like the Tennessee mainstay Playa Fly, Nardo is a veteran in the rap game with his roots dating back to his freshman debut LP Whatever is Clever released in 1999. Fast forward damn near 9 years later and this cat still doesn't get the props he so clearly deserves. Nardo got his big break when he was approached by Craig Brewer to contribute to the Hustle and Flow soundtrack which resulted with the hit single Lets Get A Room. I just listened to his whole catalogue today and I think every successive cd he releases his better than the last. Nardo and Mr. Sche who have been collaborating since the early days and continue to work with each other presently seem to both be getting progressively iller in their flows and in their production prowess.
Back to the issue at hand here which is the Already Famous CD, which is absolutely positively stellar. There is a total of 20 tracks and all of them are certified bangers. With features from La Chat, DJ Squeeky, Yung Kee, Pistol Pete, Krunk City, J Chris, Al Kapone, Pee, Hollywood Jay, Mizz T, Mac E, Mr. Sche, Se7en The Great, Don Wuan, Gangsta Boo, Gangsta Blac, and Lil Larry this album has no shortage of funk. The opening track, Take A Picture, is Nardo at his finest spitting hard rhymes over production that seems like the score for an old western movie. The chorus goes:
"Take a picture trick
it might make you rich
and you can show the world that you was playing with a pimp"
Nardo certainly seems to be influenced considerably by the pimp game with its tenets and mores. The production on this CD is incredible, and it's reminiscent of vintage DJ Paul and Juicy J, except with its own unique style and flavor which doesn't try to imitate or bite. This is without a doubt a landmark album, and should be a permanent fixture in everybody's CD collection.

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