Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Mr. Sche
Dark, Buck, and Crunk The Album Review

The Album and DVD "Dark, Buck and Crunk" is a gritty in the streets documentary of the underground M-town scene as well as concert footage, music videos, freestyles and more. The DVD is packed with so much content I'll have to review it on it's own but for now lets stick to the album included with the DVD. The CD features 12 tracks of serious heat with a ton of guest features and appearences from some local Memphis legends like Skinny Pimp, Indo G., Nasty Nardo, Al Kapone and more! Sche comes correct with the lyrics and laces this album with some raw,dark, spellbinding beats and heavy hooks. As in "It's goin down" Sche delivers the drug music, fight songs, life stories and a dash of some pimpin' to produce a well faceted listening experience. The tracks grip you and get your adrenaline going and the evolution of Sche's production really shows itself with a wide range of effects and eerie sounds that have forged the signature of Sche's work. One of my favorite tracks is "In yo club" where Sche rips it on the hook saying:

We tooted up and blowed and getting X'd up
We in you club getting wild and throwin' sets up!

Weak niggas stay clear of the dance floor when that track comes on, guaranteed to get everybody ape-shit! Other notable tracks include: "Break da law," "Money & The Power," and "Methazine & Sprite" - an homage to all the syrup sippin niggas out there. Bottom line is you have to go and buy this DVD/CD combo set. It comes with a ridiculously hard DVD and CD packed with bangers for days. Stop playing around and get schooled to some real shit!

Posted By Rico for Pimpin' Pens

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