Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Mr. Sche & Immortal Lowlife
It's Goin Down - Album Review

Released in 2004, "It's Goin Down" chronicles the rugged lifestyle of the harsh, crime infested Memphis streets from the point of view of the infamous Mr. Sche and the Immortal Lowlife click. Featuring 21 tracks of brutal beats, classic smoking anthems, and some Gangster Pimpin' sure to please real down south rap fans fiending for some trill gangster music in these days of overwhelming mediocrity. You won't find any hand claps or finger snapping, two-step shit here, more like punch you in your face music mixed with some pimp shit and lets consume every narcotic known to man music. Big Sche kicks off a hard ass verse on the title track "It's Goin Down!" -

What you claim who you hang wit, I dont even care
bitch I slang shoot them thangs wit niggas that don't care
take your face and re arrange it pop and shoot a flare
turn yo murder to a stangin' push em down the stairs!

In true Sche fashion we then transition to more real life story music like "front me somethin" where he discusses getting some zones (ounces of weed) fronted from the dope mane till the weekend to make a little cheese. "Take the pain out" offers you an inside glimpse into the struggle of trying to make it in the game as well as "Hard on a bro" where Sche preaches that "That I be hard on a bro, just as hard on a hoe" meaning he's not playing no games with bitches or niggas period. Of course you've got a ton of buck club anthems like "It;s a fight" featuring your boy Al Kapone, (Al Kapeezy Oh Boy!)"Middle fingers up" "Some nigga think he hard" and more. Other notable tracks include "Motivated" where the click talks about bonding as a unit and feeding of each others motivation to make it in the game. And probably the most popular single from the album "Tell them hoes imma pimp" is an ode to the Memphis Pimpin scene and how Sche and the crew hold true to their pimpin' and mackin roots over a colossal, haunting beat. In all the album is super hard and guaranteed to make it's rounds in your car stereo as you ride through town feeling so damn pimpish. In the later half of the album I started to notice a shift towards the more Pimp themed tracks which I assume inspired the "Supa Star" album. Either way Sche came through with a classic on this one placing the foundation for the Immortal Lowlife click, making their mark in the game without selling their souls in the process. Go out and buy this album if you got nuts and are down for some real g-shit.

Posted By Rico for Pimpin' Pens

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