Wednesday, December 3, 2008

G'd up From Tha Feet Up!
Ain't Nann Blogger Like These.

The infamous, big time, Gorilla grinders and late night gluttons return serving up a fresh plate of viciousness to cold-cock all those who tried to say we couldn't do it! It's been a year since we founded this blog and through hours of blood sweat and tears and dues upon dues paid we're now a world-wide phenom on the cusp of something monumental. Not just monumental in a monetary sense but in the realization that the movement were spearheading is understood and embraced by the masses. Motherfucka we don't know how to stop and it's only natural that we go hard everytime we drop.

It hasn't been an easy journey but nothing in this life worthwhile comes easy. Get that shit out of your head if you think opportunity is going to just come and fall in your lap, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to prevail these days and it's much more fulfilling to overcome obstacles in the face of adversity. So let the haters hate, we've had our fair share since we started this blog but like a wise person once said... "If you don't have anyone hating on you you're not doing something right." So yeah we like pimp shit, gutter shit, bitches, hard ass beats and blunts but our main objective here at Pimpin' Pens is to drop some science on your ass and enlighten you to some music, imagery, or articles you may not have been aware of. We specialize in finding the exclusive junts, rare shit and classics for our fans to enjoy but feel free to hit us up with any request you may have for content.

With that being said, heres some new shit for you to vibe to....

Pimp C (R.I.P) Feat. Devin The Dude - Everytime

Young Memphis - Get Buck! (New Shit)

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Devin the Dude - Bad Company

Rae Zellous feat. Gucci Mane - I95 (Remix)

Pastor Troy and Goodie Mob - You know I pimp hard

Rick Ross Feat. Lil Boosie - Where Im From (Remix)

Posted By Rico for Pimpin' Pens


rap lyrics said...

Well congradulations. I have enjoyed your blog and will continue to come here to check it out. Not to mention all the tunes to "vibe" Thanks again.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

look at yawl folks congrats

top rap songs said...

Nice shit .... love this blog

underground music said...

The blog is the shit, and keep the tunes coming....Peace!

new rap songs said...

Nice tunes ... and a kick ass blog