Saturday, December 13, 2008

Flying Lotus - Dope Beats from the Cali skys and Beyond

Check out the sounds from this up and coming, California beat composer "Flying Lotus" or FlyLo with his unique digital breakbeats blended with that G'd up Cali Funk synonymous with the West Coast. His music has a heavy bounce,the end sound is a trippy, mechanized, multi-layered journey into a bionic world with flying synthesizers, Nintendo music, lasers, and giant robots C-walking through a futuristic city. His songs are littered with debris from a previous civilization in the form of chopped samples and vinyl mixes transformed through a multitude of producing equipment in his arsenal.

In a cool little twist it turns out Flying Lotus' great-aunt is the late Alice Coltrane, wife of the legendary Saxophone master John Coltrane, so music is definitely always been in his DNA. His songs show a rare ability to mesh unconventional sounds and make jazzy, soulfully enticing beats from clicks, beeps and other strange electronic sounds. Listen to some of the eclectic ensembles below we put together crafted by the underground beat mechanic flipping some of the craziest tracks and styles I've heard in a while.
Enjoy the beats!

Flying Lotus - My Room Is White (Remix)

Flying Lotus Massage Situation

flying lotus - 1983

(Nasty beat flip at 4:35 Mark!)

Flying Lotus WWWDot

MF Doom & Flying Lotus My Favorite Ladies/Litermeter

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WARNING: Tracks may cause neck spasms.... hahaha


rap songs said...

Thnaks for the beats

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

happy nappy holidays folk

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

happy nappy holidays folk

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