Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Pimpin' Pens 2.0 is here my nig!

Yeah that's right, after a brief hiatus this fall we back up in this bitch with harder content, more of the classic G shit and pimp tracks you love and basically we're ready to bitch slap any lemon lames who're trying to throw salt at a playa. As we recap the last year in review we'll be taking your feedback as to what you the fans would like to see in the upcoming year, what you've been feeling and what you want more of to further establish our mark in this world. As our loyal fans would know we always keep it 100 and far from commercial with a variety like no other.

We have been pleased with our readership and successes from last year but in 09 it's time to go big so expect another level of game to seep through the blog in the upcoming months. So, with that being said the Pimpin' Pens team would like to thank all of our loyal supporters who keep us motivated to do it bigger and better each time. Keep posting your comments and feedback, we thrive thanks to the interaction with you, the audience.

Much love and respect - keep it pimpin'.

Posted by the Pimpin' Pens Pioneer: Rico "" na mean!

Note: Photo of girls above comes courtesy of - yeah we give props where they're due! lol Great site.


new rap said...

Well.. we all do what we can. So what do they have planned next?

Pimpin' Pens said...

Thanks for the feedback homie - you the cat who does rapmonster3000?

hip hop music said...

We have faith in you to make it bigger, and better. Happy Holidays to you and your staff.