Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Rza the founding member of the greatest group of all time, the Wu Tang Clan took home another prestigious title as the winner of the 1st annual Chess Kings Invitational Tournament. The event went down on Saturday, Oct. 13th at the San Francisco Design Center where over 500 were in attendance. The tournament was organized by the Hip Hop Chess Federation (HHCF) and featured a slew of hip hop celebrities such as Gza, Sunspot Jonz, and Casual to name a few. The rappers praised the virtues of the game to the spectators before getting in the hot seat to lay it down Bobby Fishcher style. Oh speaking of Bobby Fishcher, I understand that someone from the movie Searching for Bobby Fischer was on the panel of judges. In the celebrity competition each finalist played a total of five rounds where an undefeated Rza came face to face with Monk (a member of Wu-Tang affiliate Black Knights)the proverbial scenario of student against teacher. The battle came to a head as Rza shouted "checkmate" after apparently trapping Monk's King in a back rank rate move, whatever the fuck that is. I am glad to see hip hop associate itself with such a positive and intelligent pastime such as chess. As well as all the fun and games involved with the event, High School students from the Bay-Area were in attendance vying for $10,000 worth of scholarships.

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