Monday, October 15, 2007

Kingpin Skinny Pimp: Skinny But Dangerous CD

Being the huge fan of early Three Six Mafia work that I am, it is only fitting that I pay tribute to a lost relic of those early glory days. Many people are familiar with Kingpin Skinny Pimps first album: "King of Da Playaz Ball" released in 1996 on Prophet Entertainment, however I don't think many are as familiar with another 96 release from skinny entitled: "Skinny but Dangerous." This is perhaps my favorite release Skinny ever put down. It showcases that early skinny pimp style that was best exemplified in the early prophet posse underground tapes. There is even a cut on the record that has a Miami Booty music circa 2live crew feel to it. The production on this album is off the chain, and compliments Skinnys smooth style perfectly. The production on this album is done by Lil Pat, DJ Paul, and Juicy J; with guest appearances from Gangsta Pat, 211, and SMK. "Its the Skinny Skinny Skinny Pimp walking wit a gangsta limp, north memphis area south side bury ya!"

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