Wednesday, October 29, 2008

New Koopsta Knicca and Lord Infamous

Courtesy of youtube user infamouslp640's I was able to procure this new uncut funk from Dirty White featuring Lord Infamous and Kingpin Skinny Pimp. Also, we were able to elicit some leaks from the sequel to the Koopsta Knicca classic LP, "Da Devil's Playground" - the new one entitled "Da Devil's Playground 2"
I'm shivering in my Wallabees as I write this because this shit is so spooky. muuaaahhhh! This is the type of shit you bump on Halloween, kiddies.

Enzo Postin
Trick or treat, trick or treat, I'm going for a trick or treat, stangin like a bumble bee wit my forty-five g-l-o-c-k hay.

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new rap music said...

nice nose ring stick thingie