Wednesday, October 8, 2008

GAME Faces: LAX Album Review

"This gang bangin shit aint nothing to play with, me and Snoop Dogg just made it look easy..." While the GAMES' "Doctor's Advocate" was by far his hardest record, including the fucking basket of mixtapes released over the years, "LAX Files" turned out to be pretty dope as well. The left coast pyru delivers some joints worthy of firing some evergreen spliffies to or dodging duis down US-1. Whatever your vice, fix, or poising the impala dodger caters to the intoxication quite nicely. (Although I did get pretty buck of his last effort as well.) As a nice little kicker to the album, a plethora of different styles and cadences are demonstrated from GAME courtesy of the slew of appearances and features. The man through Nas, Rae, Common, and Ludacris verses up in there, nice! Oh yea, Ice Cube provides a hook on the hard hitting "State of Emergency", guess Cube's taking time away from filming family comedies to try his hand at bangin again, (bring us another triple x Cube). And there's another particular guest spot I found odd, hmm, no it wasn't the spoken word intro/outro from DMX (wtf?), oh yea, motherfucking Lil Weezy Wee jumps on yet another hook, again. For the dipshits out there an element of sarcasm was used in the previous statement. Before I go ape on the over saturated Wayne guest spot movement, let me divert the necessary attention to the really tight junts in this piece.

The Kanye produced "Angel" feat Common is most definitely a banger. Ye brings some smooth sounds and crisp bass lines while GAME and Common contribute their fair share of leaky dust metaphors to the mix, sweet. The Scott Storch produced "Let Us Live" feat Chrissette Michelle (which was actually a divergence from his usual Storchy steelo, thank god) brings a breath of fresh air as GAME comes with a sharpened flow that seemed to have been mentored by Nas, reinforced by the line "...who I sound like don't ask me that's my nigga we classy...". Michelle kills it on the hook too with her classic jazzy chorus'. Some other stand out junts include the Hi-Tek produced "Letter to the King" feat Nas, as somber thoughts and melancholy descriptions fit perfectly over a laid back harmonious Hi-Tek cut, perfect for smoking with your bitch fellas! And of course this next cut right here with Raekwon is a true banger, equipped with that grime gutter rap, cocaine flow, superb word choice and wu recognition. Put your alligator jackets down for this shit:

The GAME feat Raekwon the Chef Diesel: "Bulletproof Diaries"

BulletProof Diaries Featuring Raekwon - The Game
That bass-line is so dope...

In conclusion, GAME comes with another solid full length to add to his collection of bang talking crafts. Considered somewhat of a hybrid between the golden era NY rap flowers and the gangrap CA rap slangers, GAME continues to prove he won't entirely succumb to the faux and ringtone scandals plaguing this once unique form of music.

Peep the Track-list, fully equipped with bangin guest spots:
1. Intro (Feat. DMX)
2. LAX Files
3. State of Emergency (Feat. Ice Cube)
4. Bulletproof Diaries (Feat. Raekwon)
5. My Life (Feat. Lil Wayne)
6. Money
7. Cali Sunshine (Feat. Bilal)
8. Ya Heard (Feat. Ludacris)
9. Hard Liquor (Interlude)
10. House Of Pain
11. Gentleman’s Affair (Feat. Ne-Yo)
12. Let Us Live (Feat. Chrisette Michelle)
13. Touchdown (Feat. Raheem DaVaughn)
14. Angel (Feat. Common)
15. Never Can Say Goodbye (Feat. Latoiya Williams)
16. Dope Boys (Feat. Travis Barker)
17. Game’s Pain (Feat.Keyshia Cole)
18. Letter to the King (Feat. Nas)
19. Outro (Feat. DMX)

The GAME and Travis Barker: "Dope Boys Studio Sesh"

Plus-plus-Plus... "Dope Boys" official video

Close call T-Barks, pimpin' salute to you and A.M.

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