Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Things To Come....

You've reached a landmark blog for true fans of real hip-hop, country rap tunes, mind expansion, next level production, real talk and everything in between ya heard me! This is some real shit, we're just two dedicated, opinionated, hip hop heads who are tired of swimming in a sea of mediocrity. In this blog you can expect nothing but the TRUTH. The hardest CD realeses, DVDs, Music Videos, Mix-Tapes, Books, Gear and more.We'll breakdown all that is essential to the Trill connoisieur of the culture. From behind the scenes interviews to just shooting the shit about the lastest beef in rap, you can guarantee that Pimpin' Pens will provide a refreshing dose of brutal honesty with elevated commentary to spark the mental. Show n' Prove your prose on our site as we build and collide against the suckers trying to come up over night. Pay your dues and get on your motherfucking grind!

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