Thursday, September 27, 2007


This is a very exciting time for your boy 6Ninja. As my alias might already reveal to you, I am quite fond of the wicked shit, and nobody brings the wicked shit like my knicca lord infamous aka the scarecrow, one of the founding members of the legendary Kings of Crunk: Three Six Mafia. On October 23, 2007 Black Rain Entertainment (Lord Infamous's new label imprint) will drop "The Man the Myth the Legacy," and it will be a surefire classic. In my humble opinion Lord Infamous is one of the coldest cats to ever clutch the micphone, and it is a shame he hasn't dropped more solo efforts. This album comes off the heals of his first and only other solo junt "Lord of Terror," which was dropped circa 1994 back in the Three Six Mafia's Mystic Steelo days. This album features guest appearances from former Prophet Posse and other Hypnotize Camp affiliates; La Chat, T-Rock, Kingpin Skinny Pimp, and Koopsta Knicca among others. Below is the track listing for this bitch.

“The Man, The Myth, The Legacy” Track Listing01. Intro02. Where Iz Da Love03. John
04. These Hoes (Feat. La Chat)05. You Don’t Want None (Feat D-Dirt and Enigma)06. Frosty (Feat. II Tone and Mac Montese of Da Crime-Click)07. Money08. Pussy Stank09. Parking Lot10. The Roll Song11. Jump (Feat. II Tone and Big Stang)12. Pimpin'13. B.O.C. (Feat. T-Rock and II Tone)14. Yeah I'm Wit It15. Bank (Feat. Santerria)16. Ism (Feat. Mac Montese of Da Crime-Click)17. Club House Click (Feat II Tone, Da Crime-Click, D-Dirt, Santerria and Big Stang)18. Til Death

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