Saturday, March 21, 2009

American Prostitute - New Uncut Documentary Film, 5/19 release date

With the recent announcement of a release date for the highly anticipated film - American Prostitute (featuring Divine Brown), the Pimpin' Pens team along with All Game Entertainment and Streetwise I&T bring you and inside look into the real women in the film. This series will spotlight one of these ladies of the night with raw interviews and an exclusive glimpse into the life of an American prostitute. For this week we bring you the story of Passionique....

Passionique is one of the top lady of leisure urban icons. She is featured in: "The Art of Game" the number one urban DVD of 2005 ( also featured in the Pimpin' Pens Store), The Masters Players Ball DVD series 1,2 and 3 where she is historically the only real prostitute to interview exclusively with the legendary Max Julien - aka "The Mack" and is currently appearing in a 2000 plus theatrical big screen release entitled "Ghetto Physics".

This lady of leisure was born in East Oakland, California and has become a powerful spokeswomen and representative for issues and controversy surrounding prostitution across the globe. Her unique orating skills (mouth piece) and thorough understanding and mastering of the game gives her an edge like no other. It is without doubt that she is top rank and one of the most prominent female urban icons in her field.

Our Preliminary Interview with Passionique...

Pimpin' Pens: What can you say about the American Prostitute project?

Passionique: In the "American Prostitute" documentary you will see my multi-dimensional personality. The producers allowed me to answer questions the way I wanted and I gave real to the heart answers from my own experiences in the game! I ain't no fake ass bitch so I felt comfortable answering the questions.

Pimpin' Pens: How do you feel about the title of the film?

Passionique: I love it! America's DNA consists of prostitution. Prostitutes arrived with the first men who touch America's soil. Not to mention it is the oldest profession in the world.

Pimpin' Pens: How did you get involved with prostitution?

Passionique: You will have to see the film! The way I got involved, lets say it's unique and that's how I got my name but I tell the whole story in the film....

**Full Interview Coming Shortly**

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