Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Quick Cut from LAX: Let the GAME Live

Whoa don't shoot GAME, that gats right under your chiny chin chin son! So the prodigal son of West Coast gangrapanomics pioneer Dr. Dre, The GAME, has released a brand shining new record entitled LAX. The album is actually dope, and I privy I will assemble a review for it soon. Until then though, I will simply bump the shit out of it down the gritty palm tree laden causeways in Miami, reveling at the fact that I just dodged a barrage of titan hurricanes and the weather looks crisp as zip lock nuggery right now...bonus bitch!

The Game Feat Chrisette Michelle: "Let Us Live"Let Us Live Featuring Chrisette Michelle - The Game
Fuck all the Game haters too...

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